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Ukrainian Federation for Informatics (UFI) is the public organization uniting scientists of higher educational and research institutions are working in the field of information technology to assist in conducting fundamental and applied research and implementation of their results into production.
UFI in 2012 become the member of the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP).
UFI conducts its work through committees.
Informational Systems Committee sets the following aims:
1. To assist attraction of talented youth into field of science and practice of informational systems creation as basis of society informatization.
2. To assist comprehensive development of theory and practice of informational systems with different purposes creation, especially:
- Development of complex informational systems,
- Information processing in automation and control computer systems,
- Informational systems of decision making support,
- Information protection systems.
3. To assist analysis, development, creation and implementation of informational systems in fields of economy, governance, education, medicine etc.
4. Development of corporate informational systems design and creation concepts, theories, and methods.
5. Creation and distribution of informational systems protection enabling methods and tools.
6. To assist advancement of informatics into learning-scientific activity and education, its use and growth of knowledge level in this field based on creation of specialized informational systems for research and education.
7. To assist creation of modern informational infrastructure in Ukraine based on development and integration of local and global informational systems.
8. Coordination of efforts, professional and social support of informational systems specialists.
- To assist UFI members working in informational systems field in their professional activities;
- Organization of discussions, scientific and methodical conferences, seminars in area of development and distribution of informational systems and its influence to social and economic processes;
- Organization of student Olympiads and scientific works competitions in field of informational systems creation theory and practice;
- Preparation of special editions of scientific magazines devoted to informational systems;
- Organization of pecuniary and other support of young specialists working in the field of informational systems problems according to current legislation;
- Society familiarization with new achievements
- To assist Ukrainian economy provision with modern methods of systems analysis and informational systems tools;
- Participation in informational systems implementation to research activity and to education;
- To assist work coordination in informational systems development;
- To assist development of HR potential in educational and scientific institutions;
- Support of young specialists including orientation of competitors in the field of informatics and proposing them to awards;
- Participation in conferences, festivals, sessions, seminars, and reports organization in the field of informational systems;
- To assist UFI members in publishing and promotion of publications;
- To assist development of standards and regulations in informational systems field;
- Participation in automated database containing scientific-technical and other information on UFI topics concerning informational systems committee directions and goals creation;
- To ensure organization-methodical, scientific and informational-technical support of different levels programs in the field of informational systems, to conduct assessments and competitions of innovative projects and research and design works in the field of informational systems.




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